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2008-10-02 11:57:38 by zulek

who agrees?


2008-06-28 10:56:26 by zulek

YES! it's finally here.. after 2 long months or something... now i just need to wait one more day.. just one more


2008-05-30 15:24:13 by zulek

Yes... er..

My piece of music, congo river has got 4.52 out of 5.00 ( well so far anyway) Hopefully it will stay where it is!

Please review/vote on my new audio

2008-03-31 14:09:48 by zulek
Updated ten/133275 Here is my new audio called congo river. It already has a download so i'm guessing someone will use it in a flash (hopefully!) If you have some spare time, please rate it or review it! Also feel free to download and use it in any flash movie.

new Audio out soon!

2008-03-26 15:59:22 by zulek

I have just created my first piece of music called summer skyrise and once it has been mod-checked, it we be out soon!

Level 5 ahoy!

2008-03-23 11:33:07 by zulek

Now that I've finally got lvl 5, my tick list objectives are complete! Hmmm... what should I aim to do next? Maybe make a new flash... But the thing is, i'm only 13 (so my voice will suck) and don't have very good recording programs (I get lots of background noise). I guess I will have to make another music video...

New flash!

2008-03-21 14:46:35 by zulek

It's called beans and you can watch it below! uses music from the turtles

oh, buttons!

2008-03-21 11:51:11 by zulek

Hmmm... making a flash and i'm sorta near the end so i'm making a replay button and i'm pretty sure i've used all the right actionscript and boring stuff, but when i export the movie and watch it in flash 6, the replay button doesn't work.... I've even tried using a premade button made by flash, but it still isn't working. Is it something to do with flash 6? i've looked at the tutorials and everything....

Work on my new flash

2008-03-14 13:59:50 by zulek

For the last week, I have been working on a new flash, called beans (might not be final name). It is a music video about some dude who has a sudden urge to eat some beans while I play the song. In the chorus, the bean(s) will be dancing about and stuff while the guy cooks them (yay)

I will not reveal the song until it is done so i don't ruin suprises! Look out for it in the next few weeks :D